Travel Information Torre Médica 2

Pedestrian access

Enter from the Calle 4 Sur Street Entrance and walk down the corridor to the elevators behind Farmacia Pasteur. 

Enter through the CET Event Center at El Tesoro’s Main Entrance on Carrera 29, walk toward Carulla until you see the entrance to the S1 Plaza Teatro. This brings you to the front desk of Torre Médica 2.

From the Transversal Superior Entrance, take the crosswalk to reach the front desk of Torre Médica 2.


Taxi Access

To enter through the front desk level of Torre Médica 2, take the side streets until the diagonal bay to Dollarcity, located at S1 Plaza Teatro.

Access from the Commercial Park

If you are on levels 1 and 2, go to the elevator hall behind H&M.

If you are on level 3 of Plaza Teatro, take the access elevators near Pasteur Pharmacy.