At Torres Médicas El Tesoro, we offer the highest quality health services with the best medical technologies by the most experienced specialists and sub-specialists in the city. A place to perform your diagnostic exams, medical procedures, medium complexity surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, dental treatments and more.

We have access to parking lots, banks, a business class hotel, shopping, restaurants and an event center, among others. Everything you need in one place and with the best quality service.


Specialists and sub-specialists, diagnostic services, medical procedures and surgeries. A truly comprehensive offering that concentrates all the ease and opportunities a person may require in health services.
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How to get there

Located in the south of Medellín, we provide ease of access and parking spots. Make your doctor’s visit a comfortable experience. Learn the routes to reach our Medical Towers.

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General Physicians’ and Specialists' offices

The El Tesoro Medical Towers have 382 medical offices and more than 367 specialists in 76 fields of specialization and sub-specialization, which constitute a wide, diverse and integral offer of consultation, placing it at the forefront of the world trend in health services.


Health Provider Institutions - IPS (By its acronym in Spanish)

The integral offer of the El Tesoro Medical Tower includes 32 Health Provider Institution (IPS) entities, in which diagnostic aids from basic to high technology are offered, as well as procedures in various branches of medicine and dentistry. These provide easy access to basic diagnostics and procedures.


El Tesoro

Since 2014, these Operating Rooms have allowed for more than 19 thousand outpatient and hospital surgeries of medium complexity with a safety approach that guarantees lower levels of complications than those recorded by international standards. As part of the mission of “saving you, caring for you and making you feel good,” 500 surgeries are performed per month, with a 98% satisfaction indicator for patients and doctors. Go to the El Tesoro ORs.