How to get there?


By car

When you visit us by car, you arrive fast and safely. Even better, you will always find a parking space while shopping.

Loma El Tesoro con Transversal Superior
Carrera 25A # 1A Sur - 45


By bike

It makes us happy that you travel on bike. That is why we've thought of everything you need to visit us on your bike. Be informed of our storage space for your bike or a recharging space if your ride is electric. Also, get to know the different routes we have identified, depending on where you are in the city.
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We invite you to take into account the behavior rules given by the city’s Secretariat of Mobility:

  • Always use the bike paths.
  • In places where there are no bike paths, always use the right lane near the sidewalk.
  • Never use sidewalks.
  • Always respect traffic lights and traffic signs.
  • Do not travel in the opposite direction of circulation.
  • Always wear safety elements, such as a helmet and reflective vest.
  • More information here 

Public transport

Get here quickly and from anywhere in the city by bus, metro or taxi.

Visiting us is very easy. These are the transport routes you can take from different points in the city.

If you come by Metro, take Line A and get off at the Poblado Station. Head out toward the Politécnico Jaime Isaza Cadavid exit.  Take bus route 133i or 134i. They will drop you off at the entrance of Carrera 29 or at the CET entry point.

From downtown, you can take route 130 or 134, El Poblado, on Avenida Oriental. Get off at the entrance of Carrera 29 or at CET in our shopping park.